Baby Massage At Home

Host a Mamadoo Baby Massage course in your house for you and your mummy friends.

The Mamadoo Baby Massage course is a step by step programme over 5 weeks.  Each week you will learn to massage a new part of your baby's body, finishing with a full body massage at the last session.


Learn a new skill that you can use everyday with your baby. Great for

Colic and Digestive Problems

Improved Sleep

Improved circulation

Quality Baby Time

Each participant will receive a bottle or organic cold pressed sunflower massage oil, a full guide to the massage strokes and online access to videos of the massage strokes. Massage matts are provided on the day


Host a Baby Massage Course in your own home for friends/NCT group and get your place for FREE!! Your friends will also receive a 15% saving, with each place costing them just £35 (a minimum of 5 paying mums)


All you need is a space, such as a living room floor, to accommodate yourself and 5 or more friends on a regular weekday for 5 weeks, everything else will be brought to your door!  

If you are interested in hosting a baby massage course for yourself and your friends, please get in touch to find out what days and times are currently available.

"Bella was lucky enough to not suffer with colic but the massage techniques you taught has helped with her wind when it gets stubborn.


She loves her face massage. At night I do it if she gets a bit frantic when she breast feeds & she calms down instantly, just lies there beaming up at me, it's magical!" Alice & Bella

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