Pelvic Floor & Core Friendly Circuits

An Online Continuation Class for all those who have completed the Mamadoo 6 week Core Restore Course.

  • 3 rounds of Pelvic floor Circuits

  • 15mins Bums & Tums

  • Continue to strengthen key areas safely & effectively

  • Kids at home can join in with you!


4 Weeks: Friday 12th June - 3rd July

"I ache less, the connective tissue between my stomach muscles has improved (so much so that even I can feel the difference) and I leak less!!  Hooray!!  I also like that I have been given the tools to continue working on my core and pelvic floor, so can continue to make progress beyond the six sessions. Kirsty creates a really calm and supportive atmosphere.  The sessions were different each week, which was nice.  She was also great at keeping the babies occupied so I managed to exercise for a decent chunk of time.  This is rare and was greatly appreciated." Charlotte

"The gap between my tummy muscles has reduced and is stronger. In general I feel much stronger and have lost the wobbly feeling in my core that I had after giving birth. I've returned to running and have been progressing well (beating my pre pregnancy 5k times) which I put down to laying good foundations with the core work from the class." Leanne

"For me the best benefit was psychological, I felt that I was taking control over my body something I hadn't felt in a while! I felt more confident as my body changed, I am stronger in so many ways.  Every woman should take this course post baby!" Emma

© 2016 by Mamadoo Kirsty Doonan

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Kirsty Doonan

Women's Health & Fitness Coach

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