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Mamadoo RunClub

Mamadoo RunClub is a downloadable 12 week running and exercise programme for post natal women.  Suitable for Mamas 8 weeks post vaginal birth or 12 weeks post c section.


To ensure your body is ready for the demands of running, the programme starts with a walk and core phase and includes week by week exercise and running progressions.  Each exercise has a quick look photo and description as well as a more in depth filmed version.

Go from couch to 5k in 12 weeks whilst building the strength required for injury free running as well as the all important post natal core and pelvic floor work.


What does the training plan consist of?

  • Comprehensive 'How it Works' instructions

  • 12 week progressive walk to run training plan

  • 12 week progressive exercise plan

  • Post natal specific core and pelvic floor exercises

  • Video library of every exercise

  • Access to the closed Facebook group for support and motivation


Discounted from £19.99

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