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Post Natal Courses & Classes

Regardless of whether you have had a child recently or a few years ago, your body has been pushed and stretched to its limits.  Before hitting the next baby bootcamp or other higher intensity exercise class, make sure your body, especially the inner core unit of the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles, are ready, able and capable.  


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Mamadoo Core Restore

Mamadoo RunClub


The Mamadoo Method

This modern and effective 6 week exercise course aims to reconnect you to your pelvic floor and deep core muscles and then shows you how to use these new found muscles whilst achieving a full body workout.

Each participant receives a FREE exercise band as well as weekly emails and exercise videos to practice key moves at home.

Babies 12 months and under are welcome to come along too!  This class is suitable for any one who has had a baby in the last 4 years.

Classes run in 6 week blocks and are held at RISE in Frome on Fridays at 11.15am and costs £67


Buggy Fit Steps

Now Finished for Winter

Classes Will Resume in Spring 2022

Mamadoo Buggy Fit Steps is a workout in the park.  A mixture of post natal toning exercises for a full body workout . Come rain or shine this is guaranteed to boost your exercise endorphins! 


There is no better way than getting out in the fresh air, meeting up with other mums in a social environment and kick starting your post birth fitness.  This class is suitable for anyone with a buggy!

Classes are held at Victoria Park, Frome on Mondays at 10.45am.  Sessions last 1hr and costs £6. 

If you want a more in depth post natal class that focuses on core engagement please consider booking onto the 6 week Core Restore Course.


Mamadoo RunClub

Mamadoo RunClub is a downloadable 12 week running and exercise programme for post natal women.  Suitable for Mamas 8 weeks post vaginal birth or 12 weeks post c section.

Whether you are a complete beginner or you want to return to running since your pregnancy then this is a must. 

The programme not only guides you back into running but also comes with a weekly exercise plan to strengthen your core and pelvic floor as well as key muscles groups needed for injury free running.


Plus you will get access to Mamadoo RunClub FaceBook group where you will be able to get advice, support and all the motivation you need to succeed!

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"I ache less, the connective tissue between my stomach muscles has improved (so much so that even I can feel the difference) and I leak less!!  Hooray!!  I also like that I have been given the tools to continue working on my core and pelvic floor, so can continue to make progress beyond the six sessions. Kirsty creates a really calm and supportive atmosphere.  The sessions were different each week, which was nice.  She was also great at keeping the babies occupied so I managed to exercise for a decent chunk of time.  This is rare and was greatly appreciated." Charlotte

"The gap between my tummy muscles has reduced and is stronger. In general I feel much stronger and have lost the wobbly feeling in my core that I had after giving birth. I've returned to running and have been progressing well (beating my pre pregnancy 5k times) which I put down to laying good foundations with the core work from the class." Leanne

"For me the best benefit was psychological, I felt that I was taking control over my body something I hadn't felt in a while! I felt more confident as my body changed, I am stronger in so many ways.  Every woman should take this course post baby!" Emma

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