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My Week on a Plate

I often get asked 'what do you eat' and so I decided to photograph my meals for a week. I eat a mainly plant based diet, so no meat but the occasional white fish. My start to the day is always the same, a homemade soya latte and slice of homemade sourdough toasted with a light spread of real butter!

I do have a confession though.... the week I decided to do this, my husband and I were invited out to three dinner parties at friends houses and I got carried away with the social atmosphere on all three occasions and totally forgot to capture these on camera! The first evening meal was a fantastic veg curry (tomato & spinach with a butternut dhal and sticky rice). The second evening meal was roasted sea bass with cauliflower (nut, herb & raises) rice followed by a sugar free mango sorbet. The third meal was a Sunday Roast (no meat for me but a beautiful pot of baked aubergine & tomato), followed by an indulgent cheesecake - this was a lunch and enough to fill us up for the rest of the day and so we didn't have dinner that night. These were all home cooked meals.

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