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Pelvic Floor Workshop

Debbie Dillon Pelvic Floor Workshop

Debbie Dillon

A Pelvic Health Physiotherapist since 2002, Debbie has experience working in both the NHS and private setting in the South West. Debbie provides integrative Physiotherapy programmes, including acupuncture,  for a range of different problems such as ,  pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and post delivery, rectus diastasis abdominis ( tummy gap), urinary incontinence ,pelvic organ prolapse, bowel issues ,pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction

Kirsty Doonan

Kirsty has worked in the health & fitness industry since 2006 covering the Frome & Bradford on Avon area. Qualified with pre/post natal exercise certificate in 2009 but more recently updated her knowledge in 2015 with a pelvic floor & core specific pregnancy & post natal qualification. She is now continuing studying exercise and pelvic floor strength for the peri to post menopausal woman with Burrell Education the leading educational providers for pelvic floor & core health.

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The Lighthouse, Tytherington, Frome BA11 5BW

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Thursday 23rd march 2017

7.00pm - 9.00pm

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Workshop Tickets cost £20 per person to include refreshments

The aim of our Pelvic Floor Workshop is to truly inform you about your pelvic floor, its function and ultimately show you how to engage it properly and effectively through day to day activities and exercise.

After a short introduction, the workshop will be split into two 40 minute sections with a 15 minute nutritious refrehments break halfway through and will finish with a 15 minute Q&A session. 


Section 1: Specialist Womens Health Physiotherapist Debbie Dillon will explain the function of the pelvic floor and core and its vital role throughout the various life stages. There will be practical elements to this talk to get you engaging with your inner core.

Section 2: Specialist Women's Fitness Coach Kirsty Doonan will take you through a series of exercises in which you will learn to use your pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles to perform functional movement patterns and classic gym style exercises.

Debbie & Kirsty will also be available after the workshop for you to ask any private questions regarding your pelvic floor health.

This workshop is open to any women that wants to know more! No matter your age or circumstances. Spread the word and invite your mum, sisters, friends and neighbour!  Knowledge is Power.

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