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Ante natal exercise
Post Natal Exercise Frome
Exercise class frome
Exercise Class Frome
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Women's Fitness for all Life Stages

Mamadoo Fitness offers a range of group classes and

1-2-1 personal training for women in the Frome area regardless of where you are in life.

About Me

Hi, welcome to Mamadoo Fitness. I am Kirsty and I have been working as a Personal Trainer since 2006.  


I have always enjoyed sport and staying fit, starting out pony riding as a 6 year old.  I love to run and ride my bike as well as spend time relaxing with my family and friends. I am a mum to a beautiful, lively boy and love to help others find enjoyment from exercise.


Mamadoo Method

Post Natal 6 week exercise programme that will help  restore your core muscles 

Pregnancy Fit

Exercise throughout your trimesters safely and effectively with this 1-2-1 programme

Mamadoo RunClub

Post Natal 12 week programme that guides you through a progressive walk run plan along with 15minute workouts

Power Walking

A 1 hour workout in the beautiful Somerset countryside, combining fast paced walking with exercise stops

Buggy Fit Steps

Post Natal workout in the park with your buggy

1-2-1 Training

Meet your health and fitness goals and work at your own pace with a tailor made programme

Power Walkers
Power Walkers
Maternity Leave Coffee
Wet Workout
Snow Walkers
Random boat enrolee
Post Natal Outdoor Class
Wintery Workout
Kirstys Baby Shower
Rainy Fun
Post Natal Gathering
Power Walking Sunshine

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Kirsty Doonan

Women's Health & Fitness Coach

Exercise Classes Frome, Personal Training Frome, Post Natal Classes Frome, Pregnancy Exercise Frome, pelvic floor, tummy separation

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Rainy Fun

power walking exercise class frome Beckington